San Antonio

Rebuilt Axles in San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to axle maintenance and repair, Houston Rebuilt Axles can take care of all your axle needs. Giving your axle a simple health check could save you money by diagnosing developing problems before they become major repairs.

What services do Houston Rebuilt Axles supply to residents of San Antonio, Texas?

Houston Rebuilt Axles can do whatever you need with axles. Maybe you need a custom made axle or shortened axle with a different rear end ratio? Upgraded off-road axles for added strength? No problem, we can do anything with axles.

What specialized work does Houston Rebuilt Axles do?

Houston Rebuilt Axles can do spindle end and bent axle repair which can save you money by replacing the spindle ends instead of replacing the entire axle. This can only be done by a few places in the country preventing the need and cost of replacing the entire axle. Click here for more information on spindle end repair. If you are not sure if there is a problem with your axle, see our article on troubleshooting rear axle problems or call us on 1-832-280-8489 if you need our experts to examine your axle.

Do I need to drive to Houston to get axle repairs done?

No, we can ship axles from door to door. If your repair shop tells you that you need an axle rebuild or a new/remanufactured axle, we can ship you one of our rebuilt axles or ship yours to us, perform the repair/rebuild/customization and ship it back. It’s as simple as that. Our courier has liftgate and pallet jack services so shipping is as easy as it sounds. Call us for a quote today 1-832-280-8489.

If you need an auto repair shop to remove your axle to send to us and install your rebuilt axle, here are some local highly rated repair shops:


Chad Miller Auto Care, 6011 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249

Jackies Auto Clinic, 410 W Norwood Ct, San Antonio, TX 78212

Broadway Tire & Auto, 3600 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

Sam’s Auto Care, 1602 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704