El Paso

Rebuilt Axles in El Paso, Texas

The community of El Paso, Texas can avail of the services of Houston Rebuilt Axles. Whether its customized axles for hotrods, rebuilding or repairing truck axles and simple maintenance on any automotive axle, we are here to help. Half shafts, wheel bearings, axle seals, differential ring and pinion, we can replace it all.

Do Houston Rebuilt Axles do axle and differential upgrades?

Yes we do. Off-road axle upgrades, custom short axle builds for hot rods, differential gear ratio changes, axle tube straightening or spindle end repair, we can perform these specialised jobs and save you money by repair instead of replacement. Call us to discuss your axle needs 1-832-280-8489

Do Houston Rebuilt Axles ship axles to El Paso, Texas?

Yes we ship axles nationwide. We can conveniently ship from and to your door! Our courier service has liftgate and pallet jack services so we can deliver to your doorstep or your choice of installation shop. Some highly rated auto repair shops in El Paso, Texas include: