Rebuilt Axles in Richardson, Texas

When looking for a rebuilt axle in Richardson, Texas, you should look no further than Houston Rebuilt Axles. We can supply quality rebuilt axles to Richardson, Texas. With fast & convenient door to door shipping, we can send you whatever you need to complete your project or repair. You can save money purchasing a warrantied rebuilt axles instead of a new axle. Don’t risk a used axle which could be damaged or have a lot of mileage on it already.

How much do rebuilt axles cost?

The cost of a rebuilt axle is determined by many factors. Differences in brand and model type all come into the final coast. Give us a call for a fast quote on 832-280-8489 or email and see how you could save money and have confidence in your axle with a quality warrantied product.

Can you make custom axles for off-road vehicles?

Yes we can build custom axles too. If you need upgraded differentials for off-road rock crawlers or narrowed axles for hotrod, we can make them. Before you buy aftermarket parts, see how much we can save you on upgraded rear ends.

Can I ship and Axle to you for rebuilding?

Yes, if you need help, our courier can ship your axle to us and we make the repair. Afterwards, we can ship the axle back to you for re-installation. Then you have a quality rebuilt and warrantied product in your vehicle so you can feel confident about its reliability. Our rebuilt axles are complete and ready to install. They even have fluid already in them. If are not installing the axle yourself, here are some higher rated local shops in the Richardson, Texas area who should be able to help you:


The Hondew Shop, 13664 Floyd Cir, Dallas, TX 75243

Auto Clinique, 17921 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252

Quality First Auto Service, 626 N Interurban St, Richardson, TX 75081

Road Masters Auto Service, 405 S Central Expy, Ste 118, Richardson, TX 75080