League City

Rebuilt Axles in League city, Texas

When searching for a rebuilt axle in League City, Texas, make sure you talk to Houston Rebuilt Axles about what they can offer you. We offer complete axles rebuilt with new components, fully inspected to factory specs and turn-key ready to install in your vehicle. We can install the axle or ship it to your location of choice.

Do you repair axles?

Yes we can repair your axle too. Whatever it needs we can do it. If you are not sure what your axle problem is, give us a call and talk to our experts or contact us and make an appointment. With over 75 years of combined experience, we can have your axle sorted fast and for as little cost as possible.

How much does an axle rebuild cost?

The cost of an axle rebuild can vary depending on the amount of damage or wear on the axle. Also, the amount of new components it requires or if the axle is bent, it will have to be repaired which we can do. The brand of axle is also a factor, contact us and we can give you a quote fast.

Can you repair Spindle Ends on an axle?

Yes we can. This is something that only a few places in the country can do due to specialized skills and equipment required. Repairing spindle ends can save you money over replacement. Contact us and see how much we can save you by repairing your axle’s spindle ends 832-280-8489.

Can you build custom axles?

Yes we build custom axles especially for hotrods and off-road applications. We can make an axle to fit your application whether it’s a shortened or narrowed axle for a hot rod or an upgraded differential for off-road or rock crawling applications.

Do your axles come with a warranty?

Yes our axles come with a warranty. Using the highest quality products in our rebuilds such as Timken bearings and OEM gear sets in differentials, we are so confident in our axles and we want to make sure you are just as confident. With our warranty, your axle will be the last thing in your car you will worry about.

Do you ship axles?

Yes we can ship our axles nationwide to your door. We can also ship axles to our shop for repair and ship them back after. Our shipping is convenient and fast.

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