Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is involved in the rebuilt and repaired axle process?

We will first take the axle and assess how much damage has been done. Depending on the extent of the damage, the axle may need to be rebuilt or repaired. If the axle can be repaired then, even though fewer parts are replaced, it is cheaper and faster than an axle rebuild.

Both processes share some steps. The first step in both processes is to remove all the components of the axle and clean them. We then inspect the components for damage and if they need replacement. Afterwards, we will put the axle on our lathe and repair it back to factory specifications. We also check the bearings and seals to determine if they need replacing. Any spindle ends on the axle that has been damaged will be replaced by our spindle ends that we manufacture in-house.

For our axle rebuilds, the steps that differ are as follows. We will replace the ring and pinion with a high-quality replacement from an OEM. Then, for any axle carriers, we thoroughly inspect and replace the seals with Timken replacements. Following that, we take any damaged axle shafts and replace them with a refurbished axle shaft. These axle shafts have been refurbished by our professionals and are thoroughly inspected so that they are restored to factory specifications. If needed a new axle shaft may be used. Also, if the rotor on the axle is bolted behind the hub, then we will turn or replace the rotor to make sure the brake pad is applied properly.

What is involved in rebuilding and remanufacturing a differential?

As you use your vehicle, your differential will have normal wear and tear over time. This damage or damage from an accident will mean that your differential may need to be repaired. There are two main methods to fix a differential. These are rebuilding and remanufacturing a differential. Both methods require the differential to be taken apart and cleaned and thoroughly inspected. For a differential rebuild, we will repair as many parts that can be repaired unless the part needs to be replaced because of damage. Then, for remanufacturing the differential, any part that is damaged or worn out is replaced with a new replacement. If you need your differential modified our experts are here to help you. For example, we can modify a differential for use off-road. Contact us and let us know what modifications you would like to make.

Where do you ship?

Our goal is to make shipping axles as painless as possible for you. We use a courier service that offers door-to-door shipping services. We will also ship your car or truck’s axle or differential to your home or your mechanic anywhere in the continental United States. This service also extends to axles you can purchase from us.

How do I deliver my broken axle to get repaired?

We make use of a courier service that allows us to pick up axles from anywhere in the continental United States. Our courier service is able to pick up your car or truck’s rear end or differential with our door-to-door service. This means we can pick them up from your home or the mechanic of your choice. For more information, contact us today.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! We cover our rebuilt and repaired axles under our warranty. Find out more here.