Axle Repairs

Need Your Axle Repaired?

Houston Rebuilt Axles can save you money by repairing the existing axle assembly in your vehicle instead of you purchasing a rebuilt rear axle. The terms rebuilding and repairing sound the same but there are differences. The short version is repairing your axle will save you money and get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Rebuilding costs more because of the parts used in assembly. Below I will better explain the 2 types.

What Is A Repaired Axle Assembly? (AKA Fluff & Buff)

When you bring in an axle in need of repair or we sell you a repaired rear axle there is a lot of work that goes into getting it ready for use on the road again. The first step is to tear down the axle assembly. The ring gear, bearing set, axle shafts and rotors are removed from the rear end leaving a bare housing with the pinion shaft and pinion bearing still installed. If it is needing to be straightened, at that point it will be put on our lathe brought back into factory specs. Without a lathe this cannot be done the right way and you will have issues down the road. When your ring and pinion have failed, we will get a used OEM set that meet factory specifications or a new set if used is not available. The housing will be cleaned, your existing bearing will be checked along with the axle shafts. Then the axle is reassembled, painted, filled with fluid and ready to install. If you are purchasing a Repaired Axle Assembly from us, it will go through the same process. These rear ends work just as well as a full rebuilt but save you lots of money and offer you a much better alternative to a used rear axle.

What Is A Rebuilt Rear Axle Assembly?

A rebuilt rear axle assembly goes through the much of the same process as a Fluff & Buff axle. The housing is torn down all the way and cleaned inside and out. The old ring and pinion is replaced with an OEM set whenever possible. The only makes that we may have to use an aftermarket ring and pinion will be for harder to find types like Nissan and Toyota. We prefer OEM because they are the best quality and offer top performance and longevity. All bearing are also replaced. We use Timken bearings and seals for both carriers and axle shafts. Timken has been in the bearing business for many years and sets the benchmark in the industry. Also, all of the used seals are replaced with brand new seals. Our rebuilt rear axles always have used axle shafts unless we need to purchase a new axle shaft. Each shaft is inspected to make sure it is like new and will be trouble-free. For rear axles with the rotor bolted behind the hub the rotors are turned or replaced. This makes sure the brakes are ready for new pads. If you purchase a rebuilt axle assembly from us we will need your old axle as an exchange. If we rebuild your axle then no core is required. Finally it is painted, filled with fluid and ready to install.