Axle & Differential Articles

Wheel Bearing Structure

Learn How To Recognize Worn Wheel Bearings

People typically don’t pay much attention to their axles throughout the life of the vehicle. This is most likely due to their lack of understanding of how the axle works. The majority of axle components are durable and will require very little attention with the exception of maintenance work. However, many of the components in… View Article
Independent suspension Axle

How Differentials Work: Independent Suspension Rear Axle

How is the axle on an independent rear suspension different from solid axles? The primary difference between independent suspension axles and solid axles is the construction, (or lack of), a housing surrounding the axle shafts joining the wheel hub and differential. Most noticeably the axle tubes of the solid axle are not present on the… View Article
Hydraulic Locking differential

How Differentials Work: Hydraulic locking

How do hydraulic locking differentials work? Another version of a locking differential is the hydraulic locking differential. As explained in the clutch-type locking differentials article, these have had different names depending on the manufacturer. These include Hydra-Lock and Vari-Lock but the basic function remains the same. Hydraulic locking differentials contain a rotary style oil pump…. View Article
Torsen Differential

How Differentials Work: Cone Ratchet & Torsen

How does a cone differential work?   A cone differential works much the same as a clutch plate differential. However, instead of clutch plates, friction lined cones are used. Pressure from the preload spring and side gears forces the cone into a dished depression in the differential case. This locks the cone and side gear… View Article
Chevrolet Differential Clutch

How Differentials Work: Locking Differentials Clutch-type

What are locking differentials? As I mentioned in the last article, locking differentials are employed to help vehicles in low traction situations that standard differentials are not designed to overcome. Where standard differentials apply power to the one wheel with the least traction, locking differentials apply some power to both wheels. This ensures both wheels… View Article
Rebuilt Differential

How Differentials Work: Standard Differentials or Single Pull Differentials

So now that the differential has drive power applied to it How does it apply that power differentially to the wheels? First off, let’s discuss the components of standard differentials or single pull differentials. As previously mentioned, the ring gear is attached to the differential case. It is usually made of cast iron but sometimes… View Article
Ring and Pinion Gearset illustration

How Differentials Work: What a differential does?

What is a Differential and what does it do? I’ve always called the whole rear axle the differential? So which part of the rear end assembly is the differential? The differential is contained within the central axle housing. This is the central part of the rear axle also known as the differential carrier. It is… View Article
ring and pinion gearset break-in

New Ring and Pinion Gear Set Break-In

  Breaking-In a new Ring and Pinion Gearset? Frequently we hear people say; “Do I really need to break-in a new ring and pinion? I have never heard of having to do that before!” We also hear; “When I bought my truck new, I was never told about having to break-in the rear axle.” I… View Article
remanufactured Differential

How Differentials Work: How Complicated Can It Be?

How axles work, what are they and what do they do? At Houston Rebuilt Axles, we sell rebuilt axles. Are you asking yourself, “what is a rebuilt axle and why would i want one?” You may have heard of the rear axle, rear end or differential of your vehicle but you don’t know much about… View Article
Ring Gear Damage

Troubleshooting Rear Axle Problems

Rear Axle or Rear Differential Troubleshooting While cars make a variety of noises, some of them can indicate a serious issue and should be checked immediately. Differential noises can quickly lead to expensive repairs or even failure if not addressed quickly. Let’s have a look at exactly what a differential does as well as what… View Article