Axle Replacement

Replacing An Axle

replacement axle on groundAxle replacement is an unfortunate part of vehicle ownership. If you own a vehicle long enough or own a used vehicle, there is a chance you will be faced with an axle fault. With use, various components can and will eventually wear out. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of an axle and is always recommended. High mileage and heavy loads will cause an axle to wear out sooner. Nevertheless, axle replacement is a common issue and is very costly.

Axle Replacement Cost

The cost of axle replacement is high due to the fact you are purchasing all new components. For axles that are readily available, expect to pay up to and over $4000 depending on the type. Cost can get exponentially higher if the axles are no longer being made by the manufacturer. Aftermarket axles are not often direct fit and are usually only available for very specific makes and models. You next option for an axle replacement is a used axle from an auto recycler. Cost for a replacement axle can vary depending on the auto recycler and the condition of the used axle. Rare, low mileage axles will cost a lot and are picked up very quickly. Common high mileage axles will cost less but are still costly due to the labour to remove, ship and install the axle. The biggest problem with replacement axles from an auto recycler is the possibility that they are already worn or damaged. Many replacement axles come off vehicles that have been in collisions. The collisions are significant enough that the vehicle is not worth repairing, meaning axle damage is highly likely. Symptoms of axle damage are not always obvious meaning the replacement used axle will likely have to be removed and rebuilt soon are recycler


To avoid such problems, axles should be inspected and if need be, rebuilt by an experienced axle rebuilder. A rebuilt axle costs significantly less than a new replacement axle and is often even more durable than a new axle due to the use of some upgraded components which last longer than some OEM components. The cost reduction is due to the reuse of expensive components that do not need to be replaced such as the axle housing. A professional rebuilder will evaluate each components to ensure it is within spec and only replace what needs to be replaced, saving you money.

Upgraded Axle Replacements

Aftermarket axles are usually built for specialist use such as off-road, drag racing etc. As a result, they are commonly much more expensive than OEM axles and not typically built for high mileage use. As a replacement for a stock vehicle, aftermarket axles are not usually an option due to cost and intended function. However, specialist vehicles such as common off-road vehicles can benefit greatly from aftermarket axles. However, if you want to replace your stock axles with upgraded axles, you could save money and get your stock axle upgraded. Houston Rebuilt Axles can provide custom axle upgrades of stock axles, purpose built for replacement on vehicles. Contact us for a axles upgrade rock crawlers

Why Are Axles Replaced?

Axle replacement can occur due to a number of reasons. Of course, the process always begins with a damaged or worn axle. The most common reason is because there are no axle rebuilders nearby. Without the experience and equipment for a full evaluation and rebuild, most shops will simply replace the axle at additional cost to the customer. This is also a quicker option for the shop as there is no time to wait for a rebuild. Houston Rebuilt Axles’ convenient shipping can ship door to door with pick-up and drop-off done for you. We ship your axle to us, evaluate and rebuild it and ship it back to your door or shop ready to be installed. It is even filled with differential fluid.

Another reason for replacing axles is for upgrades such as those mentioned above. Although there are many vehicles that receive upgrades, this is not near as common as stock axle replacements.

Should You Replace Your Axle?

If you simply want a replacement stock axle, it is significantly cheaper to have the axle rebuilt. Our rebuilt axles come with a warranty. There is a downside of a used replacement axle that hasn’t been rebuilt because they tend to not come with a warranty and thus you lose that piece of mind that comes with warrantied components. If you are unsure about what to do about your axle, contact us for some expert advice.