Rebuilt Axle Assemblies

If you are starting to look into replacing the rear end assembly in your vehicle, this is a great place for free advice, information and purchasing a rebuilt axle. Houston Rebuilt Axles has a staff with a lifetime of experience and we are happy to help walk you through the process.

There are some good questions to ask yourself. Why am I looking for a rebuilt rear axle assembly? What kind of noise are am I hearing? Is my vehicle performing in a way I are not used to? These can help you determine if the rear end does need to be replaced or repaired.

If you drive a 1-ton dually and the wheel fell off you might think this is the worst possible problem and make you feel like giving up. Don’t worry! Houston Rebuilt Axles can fix your axle and have you back on the road in no time at all.

Repair a Bent Axle or Damaged Spindle

To repair a bent axle or damaged spindle is a big job but it will save you money over buying a rebuilt axle assembly. Just call in advance and we will make a slot for you to get that axle repaired using some old school tools combined with some of the newest technology available today in our industry. HRA will tear down your axle to a bare housing and put in on our lathe.

This is how we straighten bent tubes and prep the housing for a replacement spindle end. Once the housing is straight the old end is cut off and the new end is welded on. We manufacture these spindle ends in-house. Once the housing is repaired, we will put your gearset back into the housing and give it the fluff & buff treatment. Then assembly is finished, the rotors are turned and the housing is painted and filled with fluid. Your 1-ton dual wheel rear end in now as good as new and ready to get you back on the road!

A clunking noise is always a good indicator something is going on that should not be happening. If the driveshaft is bolted in correctly and the u-joints are not showing signs of slack, chances are there is an issue with your rear axle assembly. A clunk in the axle is sometimes an indication the ring and pinion have a problem.

The ring and pinion are a set of gears that the driveshaft bolt to and get the power to the axle shafts that turn the wheels. If the ring and pinion are failing, at the minimum they will be need to be replaced. Sometimes, the ring and pinion can cause metal shavings to travel throughout the axle in the fluid which means it will need to be torn down, cleaned, have the bearings and seals checked and replaced as needed.

Whether you need a rebuild, repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Houston Rebuilt Axles.

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