Axle Repair

Axle repair can be a worrying concept for a vehicle owner. This is not without reason because the cost of axle repair can vary greatly from small to large amounts. Until you get the quote from a professional, it really can’t even be estimated.

What Does Axle Repair Cost?

It’s no surprise to hear that the cost of axle repair depends on multiple factors. The first major consideration is what is wrong with the axle. However, other factors also contribute to the cost of axle repair including the make of your vehicle, the model of the vehicle and the specific axle that the model uses. As an example, there can be a significant difference between dual-wheel and single-wheel rear axles.  Replacement components for a heavy-duty axle may be more expensive than a standard axle. Another consideration is that domestic vehicle parts may be more affordable than those of foreign vehicles. Also, costs vary significantly between rear and front axle repair due to differences in their design and operation.

Bent or Broken Axle Repair Costs

Most axle repair shops don’t have the skill or equipment to fix a bent axle or a broken axle. However, Houston Rebuilt Axles are one of the few specialists in North America who can repair bent axles or bent spindle ends. Our team uses high quality parts in our axle repairs on your truck or car. You can read about our bent axle repair on our bent axle repair page. Repairing or rebuilding your axle is almost always cheaper than purchasing a replacement axle. This means that rebuilds save you money and due to the new OEM components used, provide the same reliability as a new replacement axle. As costs may vary per location, it is worthwhile shopping around for the best price.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Damaged Axle?

A bent axle can result in various symptoms depending on how bent it is and the location where it is bent. However, some symptoms to look out for are vibrations in the vehicle and/or steering wheel, noises such as clicks, clunks or clangs, and finally leaking of axle fluids can indicate mating surfaces that don’t meet correctly. Although any of these or a combination of them can indicate a bent axle, the correct diagnosis should always be left to a professional. This is one part of troubleshooting axle problems.

What parts of an axle get repaired/replaced?

With so many moving parts that work in synchrony, axles have many parts that wear out which can be the cause of axle problems.

Wheel Bearings

The most common parts to wear out are axle bearings. Axles contain many sets of bearings varying in their design. These are not difficult to replace and are not very expensive components.

CV Boot

A CV boot keeps contamination out of the CV joint. Contamination of the CV joint means the lubrication of the CV joint fails leading to failure of the joint. Replacing the boot once it shows wear is a common replacement and if not done will ultimately lead to a CV joint failure. Besides visual defects, a failing cv boot does not show any symptoms. They are usually made of plastic or rubber.

CV Joint

CV joints are also frequently replaced item once they get contaminated with dirt and debris. The dirt and debris contaminate the lubrication within the CV joint and it begins to fail. Symptoms of a failed CV joint are clicking, especially when turning sharply.


The differential contains a set of gears that work together to transfer the rotating power to the wheels. As they rotate during operation, the continually mating surfaces will eventually wear out. When these need replaced, the costs are quite steep as the cost of the components are high in addition to the labour required. This is one of the most expensive repairs for axles.


Also referred to as CV shaft, half shaft or axle shaft. On rare occasions, they are replaced. These vary in type significantly between front axles and rear axles. Costs are quite expensive but this is a rare requirement.

Can I Drive With A Defective Axle?

Driving with a defective axle is not recommended. Depending on the issue with the axle, it is always better to cease driving when an axle problem is identified. Although some issues are less severe than others, it is still recommended to get them inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

How Much To Rebuild An Axle?

With so many variants of each axle and a variety of potential axle problems, contact Houston Rebuilt Axles for a quote to get an axle repaired or rebuilt. If you are looking for a CV axle rebuild, front axle repair or an axle shop near me then you can make use of our courier service. We are able to ship axles all over the contiguous United States. We can pick up axles from your home or the mechanic of your choice. Our axle repair shop will then repair the axle and ship them back to your home or auto repair shop of choice.