Welcome To Houston Rebuilt Axles

With Nationwide Shipping, we are your first stop for 1-ton dually axle assemblies, general axle repair, off-road axle upgrades and hot rod axle customization.

Houston Rebuilt Axles is located in Houston, Texas and can help get you back on the road in no time. Our staff has over 75 years of experience dealing with all types of rear ends, differentials and carrier assemblies. We do all work in-house so you can rest assured you will be getting the best possible service to help you with the specific issue you are experiencing with your vehicle.

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles Rebuild My Axle Assembly?

Short answer, yes! We specialize in 1-ton dual-wheel rear axles for Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks. However, we can rebuild any make and model as long as the parts are available. We are able to repair your axle or supply you will an exact replacement to get your truck up and running. We are able to replace the ring and pinion, wheel bearings and seals in a day on average. If needed, we stock most makes and models and can have a rebuilt axle assembly ready for you to pick up. For most rebuilt axles, we do require your old axle in exchange or a core deposit will be added to your invoice until it is returned.

My Axle Is Bent Or The Spindle Broke Off

A service we offer is axle housing straightening. Very few companies are able to get this done, and get it done right. We have the experience and equipment to handle this type of repair for you. Once you bring the damaged rear end to us we will get started on it right way. First we tear down the axle to an empty housing, then it is put on a lathe where we will determine the exact bend and get it corrected. If the spindle end is damaged or broken, we will replace that also. Most people don’t realize the spindle end can be replaced but we have been handling this type repair for years. If the spindle was replaced chances are you will also need a hub, rotor and axle shaft. When the axle is reassembled, we will reassemble the gears, check the seals, turn the brake rotors, paint and fill it with fluid. It will be 100% ready to install once it is completed.

What is Fluff & Buff About?

We can save you lots of money with a Fluff & Buff rear axle assembly. A Fluff & Buff rear end has been torn down, inspected, and had the internal parts replaced that are worn or have failed. We also check and replace any needed seals, clean the housing, paint and fill with fluid. If it is disc brake rear end with bolt on rotors we turn those also. The is a great alternative to buying a full rebuilt axle assembly. These come 100% ready to to install and save you money.

Need Axle Installation?

We accept vehicles for work by appointment only. Call ahead if you need someone to handle the repairs for you. We offer fast service, usually in and out the same day.