Ford 1 Ton Axles

Ford 1 ton axles have been used on a variety of vehicles through many generations. Like all automotive components, they eventually wear out and require a rebuild or replacement. Rebuilds use many of the original components and just require replacement of the consumable parts. As a result, a rebuild can be a much cheaper option than a replacement. Another option is a rebuilt replacement axle where you can purchase an off-the-shelf rebuilt axle.

Examples of Ford 1-Ton Axles

Ford/Sterling 10.25 Rear Axle

The Ford 10.25 axle is a 1-ton axles used in the following vehicles:

1985-1998 Ford E-250
1985-1998 Ford F-250
1985-1998 Ford F-350

10.25 Axle Specifications

Ring Gear Diameter (in) 10.25
Spline Counts 35
Cover Bolts 12
Axle Shaft Diameter (in) 1.5


Dana 70

The Dana 70 is a 1-ton axle used in the following vehicles:

1998-1999 E-350 1999-2010 E-350
1999-2000 E-350 2000-2006 E-450
1998-2010 E-350 2003-2008 E-350 DRW
2003-2007 E-450 1981-1983 F-350 DRW
1979-1982 E-350 1979-1980 F-350

Dana 70 Specifications

Ring Gear Diameter (in) 10.5
Spline Counts 30 / 35
Cover Bolts 10


Dana 80

The Dana 80 is a 1-ton axle used in the following vehicles:Dana 80 rear axle on a ford

1988-2009 F-350
1998-2011 F-350
1999-2005 F-450
1999-2000 E-450

Dana 80 Specifications

Ring Gear Diameter (in) 11.5
Spline Counts 30 / 37
Cover Bolts 10
Pinion Shaft Diameter (in) 2
Axle Shaft Diameter(s) 1.5 / 1.58
Factory Ratios 3.23, 3.31, 3.54, 3.73, 4.1, 4.3, 4.63, 4.88, 5.13, 5.38


What Makes an Axle a 1-Ton?

Many people mistakenly think a 1-ton axle is based on the internal components of the differential. Although the internal gearing and components relate more to towing capacity, an axle is a 1 ton based more on it load rating i.e. its capacity to endure weight. This affects how load is distributed through the axle housing and its resistance to bending. This is why 1 ton axles are used in heavy duty vehicles.

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