Used Axles

Used axles such as rear axles, axle shafts and used rear ends are plentiful across the country. Reusing a component is environmentally friendly in addition to cost effective over new replacements. Used axles are plentiful in auto recyclers across the country. They are removed from vehicles that are unrepairable, salvaged and junked. In cases where an axle rebuild is not possible, a used axle is a good substitute. However, used axles can come with their own problems.

Used Axles For Sale

To find a used axle for sale, the best place to start is by contacting your local auto recycler. As recyclers can strip all a vehicles components with ease, they usually have the axle available to be picked up. Other places offering vehicle parts usually deal with smaller components.In order to get an axle from an auto recycler, you should be able to transport the axle yourself. Not many recyclers offer axle transport.

What Problems Can You Have With a Used Axle?

Check if the axle comes with a warranty. In many cases, auto recyclers don’t offer a warranty and thus you are taking a gamble on the component working correctly. Many axles are taken from vehicles that have been in a collision. Even minor collisions can result in axles being bent either slightly or severely. A severe bend can usually be identified with a visual inspection but slight damage is much more difficult to identify. In a short time, driving with a slightly bent axle will damage the internal components of the axle leading to failure requiring a rebuild and recycler

Axles taken from vehicles can also have very high mileage and will require a rebuild soon after use. Some work vehicles can also have added heavy use on an axle meaning a shorter life. If you can find out the history of use and mileage of the vehicle, this will help in knowing if the used axle is a good one.

A used axle may have been sitting for a long time in an auto recycler. Over time, seals can degrade and leak. This can present problems where water can get inside the axle and caused significant corrosion. If it does not remain sealed, the lubricant can also leak exposing more of the components to corrosion. Any corrosion of various components can render them weak and likely to fail.

How do I know I’m Getting The Correct Used Axle?

Sometimes compatibility can be a little difficult due to small design changes during production models. The auto recycler should be able to help you but if not, you can always contact Houston Rebuilt Axles and we can help you identify your axle. Alternatively, you can use our website information about identifying axles for Ford, GM/Chevy or Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.

Used Chevy Rear Ends for Sale

Used chevy rear ends vary from light duty axles to heavy duty dually axles. Throughout the years, there have been many versions including:

10-Bolt GM Axles
8.2″ Differential
8.5″ Differential
7.5″ & 7.62″ Differentials
12-Bolt GM Axles
GM 7.2″ IFS
GM 7.5″ & 7.625″
GM 7.6″ IFS
GM 7.6″ IRS
GM 7.75″
GM 8.0″
GM 8.2″
GM 9.375″
GM 8.2″
GM 8.5″
GM 8.6″
GM 8.875″
GM 9.25″
GM 9.5″
GM 10.5″
GM 11.5″

Used Ford Rear Ends For Sale

Ford axles are also available as used axles from auto recyclers. From light duty to heavy duty, there are a large variety of axles including:

Ford Dana Axles
Dana 28 TTB
Dana 30
Dana 35 SLA
Dana 35 TTB
Dana 44
Dana 44 TTB
Dana 50
Dana 50 TTB
Dana 60
Dana 61
Dana 70
Dana 80
Dana Super 30
Ford Axles
Ford 10.25″
Ford 10.5″
Ford 7.25″
Ford 7.5″
Ford 8″
Ford 8.8″
Ford 9″
Ford 9-3/8″
Ford 9.75″

Used Jeep Axles For Sale

As with Ford and GM, there is a long history of axles for Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler brands also. Jeep used Dana axles in many cases. In other cases, there are a number of variants including:

Dodge/Chrysler Axles
11.5″ & 11.8″