Axle Builder

Axle Builders

Axle builders are a specialized group of technicians who build, repair, rebuild, re-manufacture and customize axles. As specialists in the field, axle builders have the skills and equipment necessary to perform high quality axle builds for any purpose.

Custom Axle Builds

custom built axle

Special applications often require custom built axles such as high power applications for speed or enhanced durability such as off-road rock crawlers. A custom axle can be as unique as a custom engine from internal rotating components to the axle housing. Specialist components are used to handle high power from an engine/transmission. Aftermarket components are also used to improve the durability of axle components for high tourque application and heavy load bearing.

No matter what application you require, there is an axle builder that can supply a custom built axle or axle upgrade to suit your needs.

Why use Axle builders for rebuilding axles?

custom Ford 9" differential carrier axle

Using an axle builder to rebuild an axle has many benefits over axle replacement. Most notably is the cost benefit, where rebuilds cost significantly less than replacing an axle as many components can be used again and do not require replacement. In addition, rebuilds allow installation of superior components proven to last longer than stock components at little to no additional cost meaning the rebuilt product could have a longer lifespan at a lower cost than a stock replacement.

Axle Builder Near Me

off-road axles upgrade rock crawlers

It can be difficult to find an axle builder near you. It is an uncommon specialty so in a majority of cases, axles will need to be shipped to the specialty axle builder for an axle rebuild. Like Houston Rebuilt Axles, most axle builders should be able to provide shipping assistance so you can get your axle rebuilt and returned to you quickly and hassle free. Because of our hassle free door to door shipping, Houston Rebuilt Axles are your local axle builder no matter where you are located.

Experienced Axle Builders

Experience is important in axle building. Not only knowing common faults and how to prevent them, but also techniques used for complicated repairs such as bent axle repair. Many auto repair shops simply replace an axle when it is bent, but a specialist axle builder will be able to repair the axle saving you money. Houston Rebuilt Axles have over 75 years of combined axle rebuilding experience. We have the tools and the skills to repair just about any damaged axle.

Advice and Information From an Axle Builder

Any questions on chalk board

If you need any advice about axle builders or getting an axle rebuilt, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you anyway we can. Our highly experienced technicians can give you the best advice for your needs.