Rebuilt Ford F-350 Super Duty Rear Axle Assembly

Rebuilt Ford F-350 rear end


Our Ford F-350 Super Duty rebuilt axles assembly comes complete hub to hub for your truck. Each F-350 rear end has been assembled from a bare housing to make sure each component is inspected during the assembly process. The differential gear sets are OEM. Also, our rebuilt axle assembly uses high-quality bearings from Timken. Timken is the industry standard in the bearing industry. Not only that, but our experts inspect and clean each housing before starting assembly. As a result, you will get the best rebuilt axle for your truck we can provide. The Ford F350 axles include rotors, hubs and axle shafts. After that, we fill the assembly with fluid and then paint it. Remanufactured stock rear ends come with a warranty giving you confidence in our professional rebuilds. This will be a turn-key axle ready to install. All work done on your axle is performed at our shop. Learn more about Ford Axles.

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