Rebuilt axles in Victoria, Texas

To get a rebuilt axle in Victoria, Texas all you have to do is call Houston Rebuilt Axles. We supply ready-made, quality rebuilt axles for purchase as well as offering all kinds of axle repair. If your axle is giving you trouble or you just need axle advice give our experts a call and we can help you out.

Why buy a rebuilt axle from Houston Rebuilt Axles?

With over 75 years of experience, Houston Rebuilt Axles is the ideal choice for all your axle needs. Rebuilt axles provide the best value for the cost because you are getting a used axle but rebuilt with new, high quality components. It is fully inspected and built to meet OEM specs to ensure longevity and it also comes with a warranty so the axle in your vehicle will be the last thing you have to worry about. New axles aren’t always available and are quite a bit more expensive compared to a rebuilt that comes complete. Junkyard replacements are risky because it isn’t known how much damage or wear it has, so it could end up costing more and needing a rebuild.

What axle repairs can you do?

Our specialists can do any type of axle repairs, including those that other shops cannot, for instance bent axle and spindle end repair. These repairs can only be done by a few places in the country and we are one of them! Houston Rebuilt Axles uses specialized equipment to make these repairs which ends up saving the customer money, whereas with other shops often the only option is to buy a new axle. Save yourself the money and the headache and call us for all of your axle repairs.

Do you offer shipping to Victoria?

Yes we can ship rebuilt axles to Victoria and anywhere else nationwide. Our courier service utilizes pallet jack and lift gate services to provide door to door shipping for fast and convenient shipping. Whether you simply need a repair or to have your axle rebuilt, we can ship it from you to us, make the repair and then ship it back. It’s just that easy!

Do I need to go to Houston Rebuilt Axles shop to have it installed?

We are happy to install your axle for you if you want to come to our shop, but it’s not necessary. Our axles come complete and ready to install, they are even painted and filled with fluid. Any auto repair shop should be able to complete the installation, we can even ship it right to the shop to make it easier for you. Here are some higher rated shops in the Victoria area that should be able to do the install:

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Precision Tune Auto Care, 4703 N Navarro St, Victoria, TX 7790

ProCare Automotive and Collision, 4501 N. Navarro, Victoria, TX 77904