Rebuilt axles in Baytown, Texas

Houston Rebuilt Axles is an ideal source for axle repairs and axle rebuilding services for Baytown, Texas. With remanufactured axles rebuilt to OEM specs that come complete with a warranty, you can save yourself worrying and money by coming to Houston Rebuilt Axles.

What differential and axle repairs do Houston Rebuilt Axles provide?

We do anything you need for axles! This includes differential repairs, ring and pinion replacement or upgrades and off-road vehicle customization. Houston Rebuilt axles specialize in bent axle and spindle end repairs and is one of the few places in the country that have the techniques and abilities to do these kinds of repairs. This saves you from having to buy a new axle or find a junkyard replacement and gives you access to a team of skilled professionals that will help you with anything you need!

Can you make a custom axle and differential for a hot rod?

We make custom axles to suit your needs. If you need an off-road axle with strengthened differential, rock crawlers or modified differential ratio we can make that. Or perhaps you need a narrowed axle for a hot rod, we can make that too. Give us a call and tell us what you need, and we can quote you quickly. If you aren’t sure what you need, call us and we can advise you on your best options and we may save you money, 1-832-280-8489.

Shipping to Baytown

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship anywhere in the nation. This means that residents of Baytown, Texas can ship your axle right from your door or auto repair shop to us for repairs. Once the rebuild or repairs is complete then we will ship it back to you or your auto repair shop, providing you with a freshly rebuilt axle that is ready to install at a fraction of the cost of a new axle. If you need a repair shop in Baytown, Texas to remove your axle prior to shipping or install your rebuilt axle afterward, here are some higher rated shops in the area:


Ken’s Auto, 4200 Decker Dr, Baytown, TX 77520

Anthony’s Automotive, 808 W Nazro St, Baytown, TX 77520

M&H Auto Repair, 2310 N Alexander Dr, Baytown, TX 77520

C&N Automotive, 1501 Wilson Rd, Baytown, TX 77521