Rebuilt Axles in Pasadena, Texas

Pasadena Texas is just a short distance from Houston Rebuilt Axles. We are your best choice for axle repair and maintenance in Pasadena. We can perform full axle rebuilds, custom axle builds for hot-rod or off-road applications or simply provide fully rebuilt axles off the shelf.

Bent Axles and Spindle End repair

Houston Rebuilt Axles are specialists in axle repair. Where Pasadena auto repair shops will require you to buy a new or remanufactured axle, we can repair bent axles and spindle ends on your damaged axle and save you the cost of replacement. We have specialized equipment and techniques most other repair shops don’t have.

Do Houston Rebuilt Axles’ products come with a warranty?

Yes. We rebuild axles to OEM specs and our remanufactured axles come with a warranty. Talk to our experts about your axle or differential repair needs 1-832-280-8489

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles do differential repair?

Yes we can repair stock differentials with replacement of worn or damaged differentials. Also, we can do customized differentials for added strength, axle shortening or axle ratio changes.

Can you ship axles?

Yes we can ship axles nationwide. If you have a project or vehicle needing repair and you can’t bring it to us, we can ship one of our warrantied rebuilt axles right to your door. Also, if you want us to repair or rebuild your axle, we can ship it from you to us, make the repair and ship it back. It’s that simple. Give us a call for a shipping quote 1-832-280-8489.

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