Rebuilt Axles in Brownsville, Texas

Houston Rebuilt Axles can supply the city of Brownsville, Texas with their stock of rebuilt axles and axle rebuilding/repair services. Additionally, Houston Rebuilt Axles can repair bent axles and repair spindle ends. This saves you money by repairing your axle instead of you purchasing a replacement.

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles ship to and from Brownsville Texas?

Yes, with convenient shipping door to door, we can pick up your axle and ship it back once it has been repaired. If you need it shipped to your auto repair shop for installation, we can do that also. Here are some higher rated repair shops in Brownsville, Texas who should be able to install your rebuilt axle:


Tipton Auto Group, 3840 N Expwy, Brownsville, TX 78526

Goodyear Auto Service Center, 2100 North Expy, Brownsville, TX 78521