Wichita Falls

Rebuilt Axles to Wichita Falls, Texas

Residents of Wichita Falls, Texas can rely on the services of Houston Rebuilt Axles for all their axle needs. We can ship our rebuilt axles to Wichita Falls. Our courier service is fast and convenient with door to door shipping. If needed, we can ship your axle to us, make the repair or rebuild and ship it back. Call for a fast quote 832-280-8489

What axle services do Houston Rebuilt Axles provide?

We provide everything for axles including off the shelf rebuilt axles, rebuild services, repair services and customization.

What Custom axles do Houston Rebuilt Axles do?

We can make custom axles to fit your purpose. From shortened axles for hot rods to upgraded differentials for off-road applications and rock crawler axles. If you need upgrades, talking to us could save you money instead of aftermarket expensive products, we could provide you with a cheaper option with the same durability. We are experts in axle builds so why not talk to us before you start and we could save you money on your build.

Do your rebuilt axles come with a warranty?

Yes our axles come with a warranty. They are built to OEM specs with the highest quality parts to ensure reliability. OEM gear sets in our differentials and all axle housings are checked to ensure they are within spec and as good as new but cost less!

Do you do bent axle and spindle end repairs?

Yes we repair spindle ends and bent axles using specialized techniques and equipment. This is something that isn’t checked in junk yard axles and can result in more expense later. Spindle end repairs can only be done by a few places in the country and we are one of them. We save you money by repair instead of replacement. Contact us for a quote

What do I need to do when I receive my rebuilt axle?

As regards readiness of the axles, all that is required is installation. Our axles are complete, painted and filled with fluid ready to be installed. No further work is necessary. If you are not installing it yourself, you may need an auto repair shop to help you, here are a few higher rated shops in the Wichita Falls area that should be able to do the job:


North Texas Automotive Service – Goodyear, 2519 Montgomery Pl E, Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Billy’s Auto Repair, 5000 Old Jacksboro Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76302