Rebuilt axles in Temple, Texas

The city of Temple, Texas can utilize the exceptional service offered at Houston Rebuilt Axles for all their axle maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. They also specialize in numerous modifications such as custom axles for hotrods, axle tube straightening, changes to differential gear ratio, and even spindle end repair, which is only done by a few places throughout the country! Whatever your needs are give Houston Rebuilt Axles a call at 1-832-280-8489.

What is wrong with my axle?

Let our experts perform a health check on your axle if you think something may be wrong. With 75 years of experience in half shafts, wheel bearings, axle seals, differential ring and pinion, and anything else axle or differential related, we can help you know what is wrong with your axle and what the next steps to take are. Or if you don’t have time to make the drive then you can check out our articles on axles and differentials to help identify problems.

How much is a rebuilt axle?

Rebuilt axles cost less than new axles and are the best value for your money because they are rebuilt with new components and come complete with warranty. All our axles are built with OEM parts and come painted and filled with fluid for immediate installation and turn-key convenience. They areinspected to meet OEM specs, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability, you can just enjoy the money you saved!

Does Houston Rebuilt Axles ship axles to Temple, Texas?

Houston Rebuilt Axels ships nationwide! This includes door-to-door shipping via our courier service offering liftgate and pallet jack services which means we can deliver to your doorstep or your choice of installation shop. If you don’t know of a shop in the Temple area that could perform the installation, some highly rated automotive shops in the Temple area include:


T-N-T Automotive, 1207 W Ave C, Temple, TX 76504

RLM Auto Clinic, 2613 S General Bruce Dr, Temple

Quick Wrench Automotive, 1402 N 3rd St, Temple, TX 76501

Wes’s Auto Clinic, 103 N 43rd St, Temple, TX 76504