Rebuilt Axles Abilene, Texas

If you need a rebuilt axle in Abilene Texas, give us a call and we can ship you a fully rebuilt warrantied OEM spec axle right to your door. Don’t gamble on a junkyard axle which could end up costing you more. Save money getting our remanufactured axle instead of buying a new axle.

Do you need an axle repaired?

We can do axle repairs too. Differential rebuild, full rebuild, differential upgrade. Off-road axles, custom axles, narrowed axles. We can do it all. Let us know what you need and we should be able to save you money over any alternatives.

Do Houston Rebuilt Axles ship axles to Abilene, Texas?

Yes we can ship axles to and from Abilene. If you need a repair or rebuild of your axle, we can have it shipped from your door to our shop, do the repair/rebuild and ship it back. Our courier service makes it easy to ship with liftgate and pallet truck services. If you need help installing or removing your axle, here are some local shops in Abilene that should be able to help:


Pittman’s Garage, 1442 Poplar St, Abilene, TX 79602

Royce Brooks Garage, 809 Oak St, Abilene, TX 79602