Rebuilt Axles in Allen, Texas

Houston Rebuilt Axles can supply residents of Allen, Texas with complete warrantied rebuilt axles. With convenient and fast shipping right to your door, you will have a rebuilt axle ready to install.

Why buy a rebuilt axle?

Rebuilt axles are the best value for money as they are rebuilt with new components but less expensive than new axles. Also, when compared to used and junk yard axles, they are warrantied and are inspected to ensure they are not damaged and are within factory specs. This gives the customer confidence in the product leaving no concern over installing a used axle that may not last long.

Can you ship remanufactured axles to Allen, Texas?

Yes we can ship any axle nationwide. Our courier service has liftgate and pallet jack services so we can deliver right to your door or a place of your choice. In fact, we can also ship an axle from your door to our shop for repair. Once we make the repair or rebuild, we can ship it back to you.

Can Spindle ends be repaired?

Yes they can. Spindle end damage is a common problem with some heavy duty vehicles. Typically a repair shop would just replace the axle with a new one but this is more expensive than repairing the spindle ends. The repair is very specialized work and is only done by a few places in the country. We are one of them. Read more about it in our article on spindle end repair. Call us for a quote 832-280-8489

How can I get my axle installed?

We at Houston Rebuilt Axles could install it for you but to avoid the journey, you can have a local auto repair shop do it. As our axles are complete and ready to be installed, the job is much simpler so any auto repair place should be able to handle the job. Here are some in the local Allen area which could help:


Allen Automotive Repair, 302 N Ash Dr, Allen, TX 75002

Goodyear Auto Service Center, 1208 W McDermott Dr, Allen, TX 75013