Rebuilt Axles in Pearland, Texas

Pearland Texas is located south of Houston. Houston Rebuilt Axles is your first choice for rebuilt axles or axle repairs. Contact us if you suspect a problem with your axle. We can diagnose problems and make the repair. With over 75 years of combined industry experience, your axle will be repaired to OEM spec for confidence in your axle.

Do your rebuilt axles come with a warranty?

Yes our axles come with a warranty. They are rebuilt to OEM Spec including OEM gear sets in the rebuilt differential and are painted, filled with fluid and ready for installation.

Can you build shortened axles for a hotrod?

Yes we can build shortened axles for a hotrod. In fact, we can build any custom axle you need. If you need rock crawlers or upgraded differentials for off-road applications, we can make what you need.

Can you repair Spindle ends?

Yes we are one of the few places in the country who can make spindle ends repairs plus bent axle repairs. These specialized techniques can save you money by reusing the current axle and repairing it instead of replacing the axle with a new axle. Call us for a fast quote at 832-280-8489

Can you ship Axles?

Yes we can ship axles fast nationwide right to your door. Our courier has liftgate and pallet-jack services available.

Do I have to break-in my newly rebuilt axle?

Yes, this is required due to its proven benefits in longevity of the life of an axle. We have a guide to breaking in a new ring and pinion gearset.

Can you help me diagnose my axle problem?

Yes we are happy to talk to you and help you diagnose your problem. If you want some extra help, here is an article on Troubleshooting rear axle problems. If you can’t determine the problem, contact us and we can give your axle a health check. It may only need some maintenance.

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