Rebuilt Axles in Odessa, Texas

If you live in Odessa Texas, you too can have Houston Rebuilt Axles provide you with warrantied fully rebuilt axles. If you are having axle trouble, call us and talk to our experts. With over 75 years experience, we can help you with whatever problems you are having with our axle. We may be able to save you money over the alternative.

How can you save money on axles?

Some axle problems will result in your repair shop asking you to replace your axle or get a used one. There is a high cost in getting a new axle and a getting a used one can be even costlier if that axle has problems and needs repairs or a rebuild. With our remanufactured axles, you get a fully rebuilt axle to OEM specs with a warranty. There is no risk and you can be confident with our warranty that your axle will operate properly and fit its purpose.

I need an axle repair, can you do that?

Yes we can repair axles too. We can have our courier service pick up your axle from your door and ship it to our shop. We will do the repair or rebuild and ship it back. Our courier has convenient liftgate and pallet jack services.

Spindle end repair or bent axle repair?

We can repair bent axles and replace spindle ends. This is a service only offered by a few places in the country. Using specialized equipment and a specialized technique, we can make these repairs instead of you needing to buy a new axle. This save you money. Call us for more information, we are glad to help and give advice to you regarding your axle: 1-832-280-8489

Shipping axles to Odessa?

We can ship to and from Odessa. If you are using an auto repair shop to remove or install your axle, we can ship to and from the repair shop. If you need a shop to do this work, here are some Odessa based shops who should be able to help you:


Kemp’s Automotive, 302 E 52nd St, Odessa, TX 79762

Leatherneck Services, 2907 Park Blvd, Odessa, TX 79763