Rebuilt Axles in Bryan, Texas

To get a rebuilt axle assembly or an axle repair in Bryan, Texas, simply call Houston Rebuilt Axles. We can have a completely rebuilt axle delivered to you which is ready to install or we can repair your axle. Our shipping courier makes it easy for you to have us repair your axle or deliver you a freshly rebuilt axle. With lift gate and pallet jack services, we can pick up or drop off at your door. If you need your axle rebuilt or repaired, we can pick it up, make the rebuild or repair and ship it back.

How much does a rebuilt axle cost?

The cost of a rebuilt axle is related to the type of axle and even the manufacturer of the axle. Also, the cost will change if we are rebuilding your axle or if you want a replacement rebuilt axle from our stock. The easiest way to get an accurate cost is to give our professionals a call on 1-832-280-8489 and we can give you a quote fast. We can also discuss with you the most cost effective option and possibly save you money.

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles repair spindle ends and bent axles?

Yes we can. There are only a few places in the country who repair spindle ends and repair bent axles. To repair a bent axle or spindle end, specialized equipment is required and combined with our company’s over 75 years of combined experience, we can make these repairs and save the customer money over the cost of a replacement axle.

What condition are your rebuilt axles when they are received by the customer?

Our rebuilt axles are complete, filled with fluid and ready to install in the vehicle. There is nothing further needed by the customer. All the replaced components are high quality and OEM specs to give the axle a long life as if it were new.

Do you custom build axles?

Yes we can custom build axles. We can make narrowed or shortened axles for hotrods or axles with differential upgrades for off-road applications. In some cases, we can strengthen stock axles to be stronger than after-market products while also costing less than after-market options. If you need a custom built axle, contact us( and we can discuss the most cost effective option for your needs.

Where can I get my axle installed?

If you want to come to our shop in Houston, we would be happy to install it but if you prefer to have it done in the Bryan area, any auto repair shop should be able to install it. Our axles are complete so installation is a simple process.  Here are some local auto repair shops who should be able to make the installation:


Superior Auto Service, 3701 S College Ave, Bryan, TX 77801

B & B Automotive Services, 1007 S Coulter Dr, Bryan, TX 77803