The Woodlands

Rebuilt Axles in The Woodlands, Texas

Houston Rebuilt Axles serves customers from The Woodlands community with their professional axle rebuilding and repair services. The Woodlands is a nearby community just a short distance away. We can inspect, service, repair( or rebuild( your axle as needed.

What other services can Houston Rebuilt Axles provide for residents of The Woodlands?

For those needing custom axles built for specific purposes such as hot rods or off-road applications, we can custom build an axle to fit your purposes. Upgraded differentials, custom build axle housing or axle shortening/narrowing. We can make the axle to fit your purpose and save you money over buying expensive aftermarket upgrades. Better yet, our products come with a warranty.

How much does a rebuilt axles cost?

The cost of a rebuilt axle is determined by the type of axle you need. Brands and the endurance of the axle are all factors e.g. Dually axles. Give us a call for a quick quote and see how you can save money over buying new or risking a worn used junk yard axle.

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Why buy a remanufactured axle from Houston Rebuilt Axles?

Purchasing a rebuilt axles from us gives you the confidence that your axle will last. Our rebuilds are OEM spec with OEM gear sets used in the differential gears to ensure longevity. All axle housings are checked to ensure they are straight. This is a risk you take on used junk yard axles. When you receive out axles, they are turn-key ready to install, painted and filled with fluid. All you have to do is drive them.

Can I get my axle inspected to see what repairs it needs?

Yes just contact us and make an appointment and we can inspect your axle to see if it needs rebuilding or just a repair. Our number is 832-280-8489