Rebuilt Axles and Differentials in Houston, Texas

With over 24 million registered vehicles in Texas in 2016, Houston Rebuilt Axles has a huge customer base all over the state. Houston Rebuilt Axles can repair or rebuild all your axles’ needs in addition to perform all axle maintenance. Regular maintenance can go from wheel bearings or axle seal replacement to simple differential fluid changes.

Spindle end and bent axle repair

With specialised equipment, spindle end repair is our specialty and we are one of few companies in the country who can perform this repair saving you the high cost of axle replacement. Almost 25% of vehicles registered in Texas are pick-up trucks (<6000 lbs) many of which are used for heavy applications and can have rear end problems sooner than standard passenger vehicles.

Axle and Differential customization in Houston

Do you need a custom built axle? We can make just about anything you can think of. We can make upgrades to differentials for off-road vehicles or shortened axle tubes and half shafts for custom applications? If you are wondering about the health of your axle or want to save money by getting a repair instead of a replacement, call us and talk to our professionals for the best advice 1-832-280-8489.

Axle and Differential repair in Houston

Are you looking for an axle shop or a differential shop near me? As we are located in Houston, we can perform all your axle requirements from removal to installation.  This saves you the cost of shipping. Let the experts at Houston Rebuilt Axles take care of your axle.

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