Sugar Land

Rebuilt Axles in Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land Texas is only a short drive from Houston Rebuilt Axles. We are the best place for rebuilt axles, axle repair and axle customization. If you have axle issues, give us a call and we can discuss what your best and most cost efficient options are. We can do the repair or axle replacement in our shop.

What kind of axle repair do Houston Rebuilt Axles do?

We can make all kinds of repairs including specialized repairs like spindle end repair and bent axle repair. These repairs require specialized equipment and skills and can only be done by a few places in the country. A repair can save you the cost of an axle replacement.

How much does an axle rebuild cost?

Axle rebuilds cost less than a new axle replacement but come with new components and a warranty. It is the best value for money option and varies depending on the axle type and manufacturer. Used junk yard axles may have little life left in their worn components and may also have damage. In the long run, a repair to a used axle plus the cost of the axle can cost more than a reliable rebuilt axle.

What kind of axle customization can you do?

We can customize axles to any specs required. Axle narrowing/shortening or differential upgrades can be done for anything from show car hotrods to off-road rock climbers. We may be able to save you money over purchasing aftermarket differentials by upgrading stock differentials to make them stronger. Contact us and let us know your needs and we can give you a quote 1-832-280-8489.

Do you ship rebuilt axles?

Yes we can ship rebuilt axles nationwide and directly to your door. If you require this option, we can ship from door to door. In fact, if you have an axle that needs repair, we can ship it from you to us, make the repair and then ship it back. We can provide our services to any customer nationwide.

Why have Houston Rebuilt Axles work on my axle?

With over 75 years of combined experience and a vast array of equipment at our disposal, we can make sure the axle is repaired or rebuilt to OEM specs. We only use high quality components and our rebuilt axles are warrantied, turn-key and ready to install. You can be confident in your new axle and it will be the last part of your vehicle you have to worry about. See a description of our axle repair service, custom built axles and rebuilt axles.


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