Rebuilt axle repair in Monroe

Car owners who need a rebuilt axle in Monroe can have shipped to their doorstep a fully rebuilt warrantied OEM spec axle.  A junkyard axle is a gamble and could end up costing the consumer more than they originally planned for. A remanufactured axle is a good option compared to buying a completely new axle.  

Houston Rebuilt Axles can also do differential rebuilds, full rebuilds, and differential upgrades.  Off-road axles, custom axles, and narrowed axles are also possible solutions for certain car owners.  

Shipping to Monroe, Louisiana

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship axles directly to and from Monroe.  Customers simply have to ship their axle for repair to HRA’s shop in Houston.  HRA then performs the rebuild on the axle and ships it back to a local auto repair shop in Monroe for installation.  The Company’s courier service is convenient to use and incorporates liftgate and pallet jack services for heavier axle shipments.   Customers can choose from a number of different auto repair shops in Monroe to complete their axle installation.

1) Culp’s Automotive is an oil change, auto repair, and transmission repair shop open from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  The shop works with car brands including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo and foreign vehicles.

2) Parker Tire and Alignment in Monroe is a tire, oil change station, and auto repair shop open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  The shop features a large selection of tires from top quality brands such as Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Uniroyal®, and more.





Culp’s Automotive, 5969 Cypress St, West Monroe, LA 71291

Parker Tire & Alignment, 4558 Cypress St, West Monroe, LA 71291