Lake Charles

Rebuilt axle repair in Lake Charles

Houston Rebuilt Axles can get car owners in Lake Charles the best value for their money when opting for a rebuilt axle. The team at HRA replaces the internal components with OEM specification high-quality products such as Timken bearings and original gear sets in the differential.

Junkyard axles often require rebuilding and end up costing the consumer more money than they originally planned for. HRA’s rebuilt axles come with a warranty that guarantees the Company’s quality and confidence in their product.

Differential repair & spindle end repair in Lake Charles

Houston Rebuilt Axles is one of the few places in the United States that has the skills and equipment necessary to replace worn spindle ends. In most cases, customers would be told to purchase a new axle, but opting for a repair can save customers a lot of money compared to purchasing a replacement. Prospective customers can contact Houston Rebuilt Axles for a quote at 832-280-8449 and learn more about this service.

Heavily loaded trucks typically have rear ends that wear out sooner than unloaded vehicles. New noises coming from the differential is a signal that the truck is due for an inspection. HRA has experience working with differential rear axle repair to ensure that the component is running seamlessly and effectively.

Shipping to Lake Charles, Louisiana

Customers looking to avoid the trip to Houston can have their axle shipped, have service performed on it, and then have it installed at a local auto repair shop in Lake Charles. There are quite a few highly rated local auto repair shops in Lake Charles that customers can choose from:

1) Mid City Auto Service is an auto repair shop in Lake Charles specializing in diagnoses, repairs, and preventative maintenance on domestic and foreign automobiles.

2) Mike’s Garage is an auto repair shop in Lake Charles open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. The shop’s mechanics are certified and licensed to work on vehicles from all makes. The shop specializes in a few key services including bumper to bumper repair, engine replacement, and exhaust systems.


Mid City Auto Service, 2912 Common St, Lake Charles, LA 70601

Mike’s Garage, 501 7th St, Lake Charles, LA 70601