Sacramento Axles Rebuilt and Repaired

We provide the best rebuilt and repaired axles in Sacramento at Houston Rebuilt Axles (HRA). The members of our team have over 75 years combined experience performing these services. Additionally, our shop is equipped to restore axles to factory specifications. One of the pieces of equipment is our lathe. In addition to Sacramento, we ship axles nationwide. Our courier service provides door-to-door shipping and pickup of axles from any house or mechanic.

We use Timken bearings and seals at HRA. Bearings from Timken are considered benchmarks in the industry. Their tolerances are also known to be extremely tight. Additionally, our axle rebuilds are covered by our warranty. We thus guarantee the reliability and trustworthiness of our axles. Repairing axles isn’t our only specialty. Axles and differentials can be modified for any purpose. For hot rods, for example, you could narrow an axle. You can also modify your differential for off-roading. We cover your needs whatever they may be.

How does an axle repair work?

Repairing an axle is a good choice for axles that aren’t severely damaged. The cost of repairing is less than that of rebuilding. In order to repair an axle, we first disassemble it and remove the components. Thus, the rotors, ring gear, bearing set, and axle shafts are removed from the rear end. In this case, the shaft and pinion bearing are left in place. In the next step, if the axle needs to be straightened, we will use the lathe. Afterwards, the housing will be cleaned and the bearings inspected. Replacement spindle ends are made in-house for any damaged spindle ends. Axle assembly, painting, and filling complete the repair. Now the axle can be installed.

What are the steps involved in rebuilding axle assemblies?

As with axle repairs, disassembling the axle is the first step. In addition, the axle will be thoroughly cleaned. A high-quality OEM replacement will be used for the ring and pinion set. Our next step will be to replace the axle’s bearings with Timken’s replacements. As part of our axle rebuilds, we use Timken bearings and seals as replacements. With their tight tolerances, Timken is a well-known company in the bearing industry.

We replace the axle seals next. The carriers and also axle shafts also use Timken seals of the highest quality. We then replace the axle shafts on our rebuilt rear axles with refurbished ones. Each refurbished axle shaft has been tested and thoroughly inspected. We will use a new axle shaft if it is necessary. Rotor replacement may be necessary if the rear axle has rotors bolted on behind the hub. We can then ensure that the brake pads are applied properly. When purchasing an axle, we will also need your damaged axle in exchange. Once the axle has been assembled and painted, it is then filled with fluid and the rebuild is complete.

Sacramento: Do we ship there?

Yes, definitely! The delivery and receipt of axles are possible from anywhere in the United States, including Sacramento. We offer a courier service to pick up and deliver axles to your home or the mechanic of your choice. Here are some highly-rated mechanics and shops if you need one:

1) Arden Village Service at Scott’s Corner strives to offer same-day auto repair or offer repairs as fast as possible as they value customer service. Their shop opens from Monday to Friday, 6:30 am – 9:00 pm and Saturday 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.

2) Barr’s Auto performs a wide array of auto repair services. These include maintenance, suspension, AC, timing belt and more. They open Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Arden Village Service at Scott’s Corner, 4230 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95864

Barr’s Auto, 5743 Power Inn Rd,¬†Sacramento CA, CA 95824