Rebuilt axle repair in Stillwater 

Houston Rebuilt Axles can supply residents of Stillwater with their stock of rebuilt axles that come complete with a warranty and axle repair and rebuilding services.  The axles are built to OEM specifications and use only the highest quality parts to ensure reliability. HRA can also repair bent axles and repair spindle ends, which is a rare service in the United States.  Customers can save money over buying a completely new replacement axle.  

Custom axle repair in Stillwater 

The repair team at Houston Rebuilt Axles is able to make custom axles that fit a customer’s vehicle.  For instance, certain types of hot rods require shortened axles, whereas off-road trucks may need upgraded differentials or rock crawler axles.  Customers simply have to speak with the team at HRA and find out if they can save them money instead of purchasing expensive aftermarket products.  Callers can receive a fast quote by contacting 1-832-280-8489.

Shipping axles to residents of Stillwater 

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship axles from a customer’s doorstep to the shop in Houston, where the team can rebuild it and ship it back.  The delivery courier uses convenient liftgate and pallet jack services to accommodate axles which are heavier. Since HRA’s axles are complete, painted and filled with fluid, no further work is necessary apart from final installation.  There are few highly rated auto repair shops in Stillwater that could install HRA’s rebuilt axles:

1) Mike’s Automotive is an auto repair shop offering air conditioning, suspension, transmission repair, and vehicle electrical repair services in Stillwater.

2) Stillwater Automotive is an oil change and auto repair station open from 7:30am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  The shop offers engine repair, oil changes, and brake services to customers.

Mike’s Automotive, 1517 Cimarron Plz, Stillwater, OK 74075

Stillwater Automotive, 1821 S Perkins Rd, Stillwater, OK 74074