Rebuilt axle repair in Moore 

 Houston Rebuilt Axles is able to supply residents of Moore, OK with quality warrantied rebuilt axles.  Moore residents have vehicles that undergo a lot of daily mileage and regular wear and tear. HRA is able to provide regular axle maintenance and component repair to vehicles as well as giving an axle a health check to make sure it is operating reliably and operating efficiently.   

Differential and spindle end repair in Moore 

Rear ends on heavily loaded trucks can wear out sooner than unloaded vehicles and require inspection more frequently.  HRA is able to perform repairs to rear axles and differentials to trucks to ensure they are operating reliably.  

Furthermore, HRA is able to provide spindle end repair services, which is a rare to find service in the United States.  Spindle end repairs help customers save on the cost of buying a completely new replacement axle as well as the risk of using a junkyard axle which may need extra repairs in order to function properly.

Shipping axles to residents of Moore 

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship an axle from a resident’s doorstep or local automotive shop to the Company’s repair shop in Houston.  Once the work has been performed and necessary repairs have been made, HRA can ship the axle back to the customer’s doorstep or a local auto repair shop in Moore for immediate installation onto a vehicle.

1) A-1 Mobile Auto Repair & Towing is an auto repair, transmission repair, and towing station in Moore, OK.  The shop offers vehicle electrical repair, towing, headlight & taillight services, brake services, oil changes, and suspension services to its customers.  The shop is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

2) R W Automotive is an auto repair, tire, and transmission repair shop in Moore open from 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday and until 5:00pm on Fridays.  The shop’s specialties include oil change, lube and filter, clean fuel injector, tune-ups, vehicle inspection, water pumps, fuel pumps & line repair.

A-1 Mobile Auto Repair & Towing, 6317 S Superior Ave, Ste C, Oklahoma City, OK 73129

R W Automotive, 209 N Eastern Ave, Moore, OK 73160