Rebuilt axles in Bixby

Houston Rebuilt Axles services customers in Bixby, Oklahoma with professional axle rebuilding and repair services.  The cost is determined according to the type of axle a car owner needs as well as brands used and the endurance of the axle.  Potential customers simply have to call HRA for a quick quote to see how much money they can save over buying a new or risk using a worn and used junkyard axle.  

Spindle end repair in Bixby

Spindle end repair is a rare service in the United States.  The team at HRA is able to provide this service using some old schools tools as well as some of the newest technology available in the industry.  First, the axle will be torn down to a bare housing while the team applies on a lathe. Afterwards, the housing is prepared for a replacement spindle end.  Once the housing is straightened, the old end is cut off and the new end is welded on.  

Shipping to car owners Bixby

Bixby car owners can ship axles directly to Houston Rebuilt Axle’s shop for immediate repair.  Once the rebuild has been performed, the team at HRA can ship it back by delivery courier using convenient liftgate and pallet jack services to accommodate heavier axles.  Customers can choose from a number of different highly-rated local auto repair shops in Bixby that could install rebuilt axles:

1) K C Automotive is an auto repair and transmission repair shop in Bixby offering suspension services, oil changes, battery replacements, air conditioning services, and engine repairs.  The shop services all domestic brands as well as imports including European models.

2) My Mechanic is a full-service preventative maintenance and automotive repair center.  The team repairs domestic and foreign vehicles. The shop is family owned and use only the latest diagnostic equipment that guarantee the vehicle is serviced correctly.

K C Automotive, 8164 E 131st St S, Bixby, OK 74008

My Mechanic, 8104 E 111th Pl S, Bixby, OK 74008