Rebuilt axle repair in Shawnee

Car owners in Shawnee can work with Houston Rebuilt Axles in order to receive regular axle maintenance and component repair.  HRA has the equipment and expertise to perform all kinds of axle work. Furthermore, customers can opt for purchasing a stock rebuilt axle off the shelf complete with a warranty and remanufactured to OEM specifications.

Rear ends on heavily loaded trucks often wear out sooner than unloaded vehicles and need inspection more frequently.  For differential upgrades and rear end repairs, HRA is the best option for potential customers.

What kinds of axle repair do you do?

Spindle end repair is a rare service in the United States and HRA is one of the few shops that can perform the work.  Customers are able to save the cost of purchasing a completely new axle by making a repair instead. Finally, experts at Houston Rebuilt Axles are able to build axles for hot-rods and custom differentials and axles for off-road vehicles.  Potential customers simply have to call HRA’s shop at 1-832-280-8489 to get any of their questions answered.  

Shipping axles to residents of Shawnee 

Car owners in Shawnee can ship their axle for repair in HRA’s shop in Houston.  Once work has been performed, HRA will ship the rebuilt axle back for installation at a local auto repair shop in Shawnee.  There are a few highly rated local auto repair shops that can perform the job:

1) Kwik Kar Shawnee is an oil change and auto repair shop open seven days a week.  Previous customers have commented that the shop is run by a friendly local family, has a nice waiting area, and offers great services.

2) Reliable Automotive is an auto repair shop in Shawnee.  Previous customers have mentioned that the shop has well-certified technicians working there, and offer fast and free diagnostic tests to their customers.

Kwik Kar Shawnee, 4617 N Kickapoo Ave, Shawnee, OK 74804

Reliable Automotive, 445 S Bryan Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801