Can Houston Rebuilt Axles rebuild axle assemblies?

The team at HRA specializes in 1-ton dual-wheel rear axles for Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford trucks.  The shop is able to rebuild any make or model as long as the parts are available. It takes about a day to replace the ring and pinion, wheel bearings, and seals.  Houston Rebuilt Axles stocks axles from most makes and models, leaving customers with a rebuilt axle assembly ready to pick up. For rebuilt axles, the Company requires the old axle in exchange and a core deposit which is added to the invoice until it is returned.

Differentials and rear axles

The axle is commonly referred to as the rear end or the rear differential. How a differential works is a complicated process and depends on the type of differential used.  The rear axle is the final leg of the drivetrain. It is the final point where rotational speed from the driveshaft is applied to the rear wheels.  

How to contact Houston Rebuilt Axles

Prospective customers can contact Houston Rebuilt Axles for any question or advice on specific rebuilt axle repair services for their vehicle.  They may either e-mail or call HRA at 1-832-280-8489 to find out more.

Shipping to Springdale, Arkansas

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship a rebuilt axle from the customer’s doorstep or automotive shop to the repair shop in Houston.   Once the team performs the repair or rebuild, they can ship it back to the customer’s doorstep or local automotive shop for immediate installation.  HRA’s courier services make it convenient to ship axles which are heavy using pallet jack and lift-gate services. There are a few highly-rated local auto repair sops in Springdale that can handle installation of the rebuilt axle onto a customer’s vehicle:

  1. Garrett Tire and Auto Center is a tire, auto repair, and oil change station offering tire rotation & wheel alignment, suspension services, radiator services, air filter change, battery services, and free estimates. 
  2. HCS Auto Repair is an auto repair, tire, and transmission repair shop open from 7:00am to 5:15pm Monday through Friday.  The shop offers a number of different services including suspension, air conditioning, battery, engine repair, brakes, and oil changes.

Garrett Tire and Auto Center, 1010 Clayton St., Springdale, AR 72762

HCS Auto Repair, 3732 Elm Spring Rd, Springdale, AR 72762