Rebuilt axle assemblies

Repairing a rebuilt axle or a damaged spindle may be a big job, but it will save customers money over buying a rebuilt axle assembly.  The team at HRA uses some old school tools combined with some of the newest technology available today in the industry to perform repairs.  In the repair process, HRA will tear the axle down to a bare housing and then applies its lathe. This is how bent tubes are straightened and housing is prepared for spindle end replacement.  Once the housing is repaired, the team will put the gear set back into the housing. The rotors are turned and the housing is painted and filled with fluid, making the rear-end road-ready.  

What else does Houston Rebuilt Axles check or replace on an axle?

Once the axle has the new spindle, the team’s mechanics will verify that it is perfectly straight.  Then, the team installs a new hub, bearing set, rotor, and seals. The opposite side of the axle will have its bearing checked, seal replaced, and rotor turned on.  The center will then get the fluff and buff treatment. The final step involves filling the axle with fluid and painting the housing. The axle is now turn key and ready to install.  

How can prospective customers contact Houston Rebuilt Axles

Customers who have any type of question or are requesting a quote for a rebuilt axle repair can call HRA at 1-832-280-8489 or use the form on their website to e-mail the team.   

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles ship axles to Conway, Arkansas

HRA can help customers ship their axle to the shop in Houston for repairs to be performed.  Once it is rebuilt, they can have it shipped to a local auto repair shop in Conway for immediate installation onto a customer’s vehicle.  Here are some highly rated shops in the Conway area:

  1. Budget Automotive is an auto repair shop.  Previous customers have mentioned having an exceptionally positive experience with Kenny, the owner and mechanic.
  2. McKinney Tire Pros is a tire, auto repair, and oil change station open from 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  Previous customers have commented on the great service offered and helpful and professional mechanics.  
  3. Luyet Automotive is an auto repair, tire, and oil change station open from 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  The shop has Automotive Service Excellence certified mechanics that use today’s latest automotive technologies and is equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles.    

Budget Automotive, 526 Bruce St., Conway, AR 72032

Mckinney Tire Pros, 600 S Harkrider St, Conway, AR 72032

Luyet Automotive, 381 Hwy 65 N, Conway, AR 72032