Need your axle repaired?

The team at Houston Rebuilt Axles can save customers money by repairing the existing axle assembly in their vehicles instead of having them purchase a completely new axle.  

In a repaired axle assembly (A.K.A. Fluff & Buff treatment), the team at HRA tears the axle down to a bare housing.  The ring and pinion, bearing set, axle shafts, and rotors are then removed. If it needs to be straightened, it is brought onto a lathe to be put back into factory specifications.  The housing will be cleaned, and the axle will be reassembled, filled with fluid, and ready to be installed.

In a rebuilt axle assembly, the axle goes through much of the same process as a fluff & buff axle.  The old ring and pinion is replaced with an OEM set whenever possible.  Timken bearings and seals are used for both carriers and axle shafts.   Rebuilt rear axles always have used axle shafts unless the team feels it is necessary to purchase a new axle shaft. Each shaft is inspected to make sure it is like new.  Finally, the axle is painted, filled with fluid, and ready to be installed.  

What are differentials?

The differential is located in the central axle housing.  The drive shaft attaches directly to it. The differential has three main functions including: redirecting power to the drive wheels, use gear reduction to multiply engine power delivered to the wheels, and helps the vehicle to make turns efficiently.  

On a vehicle, the wheel closer to the inside of a corner when turning travels a lesser distance than the wheel closer to the outside of the corner.  As a result, the differential applies drives to wheels depending on their needs.  

For more information on differentials see our articles.

Does Houston Rebuilt Axles ship axles to Rogers, Arkansas

Houston Rebuilt Axles can ship axles to and from Rogers.  The shop can have an axle shipped directly from a customer’s doorstep to HRA’s shop in Houston for performing repairs and rebuilds.  The Company’s courier service makes it easy to ship axles which are heavy using liftgate and pallet truck services. For customers needing help to install their rebuilt axles onto their vehicle, they can consult the services of a few highly-rated local auto repair shops in Rogers: 

1) NWA Auto Shop is an auto repair, transmission repair, and oil change station offering oil changes, brake services, engine repair, transmission repair, and suspension services.

2) Seeburg Service Center is an auto repair and oil change station specializing in exhaust systems, brake systems, check engine diagnostics, suspension, and air conditioning services. 

NWA Auto Shop, 1614 S. 8th St, Rogers, AR 72756

Seeburg Service Center, 2880 W. Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756