Cleveland Repairs and Rebuilds For Axles

Our professionals at Houston Rebuilt Axles have been rebuilding and repairing axles with a combined experience of over 75 years. Our axle rebuild and repair services are provided to Cleveland vehicle owners. Also, our team rebuilds axles that we have for purchase as well. We will also use our lathe to restore an axle to factory specifications. Our courier service allows us to deliver and receive axles from anywhere in Cleveland. We provide this service to anyone in the United States as well.

For any axle repair or rebuild we do, we trust Timken for their high-quality bearings and seals. Timken is also well known for being the industry standard in bearings. Additionally, our axle rebuilds are covered by our warranty. This also provides you with multiple assurances for our services. Our professionals can also modify your axle for anything you may require. For example, narrowing an axle for hot-rods or modifying a differential for off-road use.

Rebuilds and Repairs for Axles

For an axle repair or rebuild to be chosen, the main factor is how damaged the axle is. Should the axle be severely damaged, the axle will need to be rebuilt. A lesser amount of damage, from moderate damage down, the axle can be repaired instead. Repairing an axle has the advantage of being less costly but it also replaces fewer parts.

Whether you are repairing or rebuilding an axle, both begin with removing and cleaning the axle parts. The ring and pinion are replaced during an axle rebuild. Next, we will use our lathe to restore the axle back to factory specifications. Then we inspect the axle components. These include the axle bearings, seals, and also other components. We will replace damaged axles with our own built in-house spindle ends. Then the axle will be painted, assembled and filled with fluids.

We use Timken bearings and seals in our axle rebuilds. Their seals are also used to replace seals on the axle carriers. We will then replace the axle shafts with refurbished replacements. These axle shafts have been thoroughly inspected and are restored to factory specifications. On occasion, we may use a new axle shaft. Should the rotor be bolted behind the hub, then it will be rotated or replaced. This is so that brake pads are applied correctly.

What to look out for if you suspect a damaged axle?

Axles may be damaged from a multitude of sources. This includes anything from hitting a curb or driving over a very bumpy road while carrying a heavy load. If your axle is damaged, it may exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • Noise – Gears can become out of alignment when there is an axle bend. Gears that grind together or collide will produce a noticeable noise.
  • Leaks – Any damage to an axle can cause cracks that allow fluids to leak from the housing. Lubricant may not be enough on an axle that is leaking fluid.
  • Vibrations – You will feel a very noticeable vibration while driving. As you turn the steering wheel, you will feel the steering wheel vibrate immediately.

Are we able to deliver and receive axles from Cleveland vehicle owners?

Our courier service enables delivering and receiving of axles from and to any location in the United States. We are also able to use our courier to deliver axles to your home or to a shop in Cleveland. If you are looking for a shop in the Cleveland area, these shops are highly recommended:

1) Detroit Auto Clinic wants to help you save money on your auto repair. They do all sorts of auto repairs from replacing a bulb to engine work, they can help you. Their shop opens from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm and Saturday, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm.

2) All Kar Service Center main specialty is providing auto repairs that are done on the same day. From fixing your brakes to determining why your engine light is on. They open Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday, 7:30 am – 2:00 pm.

Detroit Auto Clinic, 8324 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102

All Kar Service Center, 5821 Turney Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125