Repaired, Rebuilt and Modified Axles in Springfield

Vehicle owners in Springfield, our experts at Houston Rebuilt Axles will help you with your axle needs. Axles may be damaged from a wide range of sources. Whether it’s normal wear and tear or an accident, we are here to help you. Our experts also want to get you back on the road as soon as possible. To do this we make use of specialized tools such as our lathe to restore axles back to factory specifications. We also are able to sell to you rebuilt rear ends and axles refurbished by our experts. We also provide stress-free picking up and delivery of axles. Our courier services can pick up an axle from your home or mechanic and also deliver them to anywhere in Springfield. We provide this service to anyone in the continental United States.

Timken is the industry standard in the bearing field. That is why our team chooses them for our axle rebuilds and repairs. Choosing the best parts is key to providing the best rebuilds and repairs to you. Timken’s bearings have been trusted on the James Webb Telescope which was launched in December 2021. Not only that but our axle rebuilds are covered under our warranty. This means you can have confidence in the quality our experts put into rebuilding and repairing your axles. We also are able to modify your axles for any purpose. For example, we could narrow an axle for hot rodding. Contact us and let us help you with your axle.

We do differential remanufacturing, rebuilds and modifications

Similar to axles, differentials will become damaged over time. From an accident to normal wear and tear your differential will need to be repaired. The two main repairing methods are remanufacturing and rebuilding the differential. The main difference between the two methods is how much of the differential is replaced. For a differential rebuild and remanufacture the differential will be taken apart and inspected thoroughly. Then, for a rebuild, all of the parts that could be repaired are, and any part that is not repairable is then replaced with a new part. Remanufacturing on the other hand will check for all the parts that are damaged or worn out and then replace all of them. Also, our experts at HRA are able to modify the differential for whatever you want. This includes modifying the differential for better use while off-roading. Contact us and let us help you!

How you can tell what a damaged axle feels like

Your vehicle may become damaged even if you are the most cautious driver. Normal wear and tear, a large pothole, and someone running into you are all ways your axle could become damaged. No matter how it has happened though you will feel some of the following sensations if the axle is damaged. If you encounter any of the following symptoms, take your axle to a mechanic and get them checked as soon as possible.

  • Noise – You may hear a grinding noise when the axle becomes dented or damaged. This is usually caused by the gears in the axle coming out of alignment and grinding against each other.
  • Vibrations – As you drive your vehicle may start to vibrate quite noticeably. This vibration effect may strengthen as you turn the steering wheel.
  • Leaks – While parked, you may see fluid dripping from the axle. This reddish-brown liquid lubricates the axle and your vehicle should be taken to a mechanic as your axle may not have enough lubrication anymore.

Are we able to pick up and ship axles to Springfield?

Yes! Our goal is to make axle delivery as painless as possible. To do this we use a courier service that will come to you wherever you are in Springfield to get your axle. We will also ship your axle to your home or your mechanic anywhere in the continental United States. This service also extends to the axle you can purchase from us. Looking for a mechanic? Users on Yelp recommend the following mechanics.

1) Felix Auto Repair & Towing is here to help you when you need them the most. Their towing and auto shop will come to you when your vehicle isn’t working as it should. They have 24-hour towing services. Their shop is able to do brake services, transmission services, air conditioning services, differential services and much more! Their shop opens from Monday to Sunday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

2) Leonard’s Auto Repair has ASE-certified mechanics that are also highly experienced. The shop has been serving Springfield since 1936. Their expert mechanics are also able to help repair your classic vehicles. Services they provide include battery services, mufflers and exhausts, oil changes, brakes, suspension, air conditioners and more. Also, they are able to work on almost any make and model of car.  They are open from Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Felix Auto Repair & Towing, 914 Sumner Ave, Springfield, MA 01118

Leonard’s Auto Repair, 288 Allen St, Springfield, MA 01108