Rebuilt axle services in Mesa.

Axle rebuilds can be complicated and costly, often leaving vehicle owners with decision to replace the part entirely with a new or used axle.

Houston Rebuilt Axles are axle refurbishing specialists that offer quality remanufactured axles, saving customers costs on unnecessary expenses. Each axle is warrantied and built to OEM specifications.

Once the axle is repaired, it is then shipped conveniently back to your doorstep or designated mechanic shop through our courier delivery service. It is our goal to help vehicle owners avoid the time and risk involved with a junkyard axle replacement. Reach out to our expert staff today for a health check and estimate that could save you money and headaches now and in the future.  

Mesa spindle end repair services.

Spindle end repair is a rare service in the United States as most repair shops are not well equipped to perform the service. As a result, most auto repair shop instead advise vehicle owners to purchase a completely new axle to replace a bent axle or spindle end damage. 

Our team of experts have over 75 collective years of experience in axle and spindle end repair. You, the customer, should not be faced with a single costly option in order to have your vehicle fully operating again.

Does Houston ship repaired axles and spindle ends to Mesa.

HRA works with a special courier service that allows us to ship axles in need of repair all across the United States. Our expert technicians are closer than ever, with our couriers available at your doorstep with liftgate and pallet jacks for easy transportation of your axle. Once the axles have undergone the rebuild process, each axle is repainted, filled with new fluid, and delivered back to you in Mesa for quick and easy installation. 

If you’re unable to do the installation yourself, here’s a list of some of the top recommended auto repair shops in the Mesa area who can handle the job.

1) Sunland Auto Service is the top rated auto repair shop in the Mesa area. Their shop’s service has been said to hold a high standard of excellence and duty of care to their customers. Their shop hours of operation are 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

2) East Mesa Auto Repair Center is a highly rated repair shop that provides services on all makes and models of vehicles. Their shops hours are 7am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Sunland Auto Service, 3530 E Broadway Rd Mesa, AZ 85204

East Mesa Auto Repair Center, 8027 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85207