Rebuilt axle repair services in Birmingham 

Houston Rebuilt Axles is the largest distributor of expert and warrantied rebuilt axles services. Our shop has the ability to service from Houston to as far as Birmingham, AL, helping repair axles on vehicles that have undergone even the heaviest wear and tear. HRA is able to provide regular axle maintenance and component repair to vehicles as well as giving an axle a health check to make sure it is operating reliably and operating efficiently.   

Birmingham differential and spindle end repair

It’s quite common for rear ends on heavily loaded trucks to wear out sooner than unloaded vehicles. Due to this, these vehicles require inspection, and potentially service, more frequently. The team of specialists at HRA is able to perform these repairs to rear axles and differentials to trucks to ensure they are operating to the best of their ability.

Spindle end repair services are quite rare to find in the United States, which is a service that HRA specializes in. These spindle end repairs provides a service to help customers save on the cost of buying a completely new replacement axle. This provides you, the customer, a reliable, working, and warranty-approved part for your vehicle, as opposed to risking a pick and pull junkyard axle which may need extra repairs in order to function properly.

Shipping newly repaired axles to Birmingham 

Houston Rebuilt Axles provides door-to-door shipping with lift-gate service that allows us to ship to a resident’s doorstep or any local automotive shop in Birmingham. Once the necessary repairs have been made to the part, the part is repainted, packaged, and then shipped back to its owner. If you require installation services in Birmingham, we would recommend any of these top-rated repair shops below:

1)  Rob’e Mans Automotive Service is an automotive repair shop in Birmingham with a special charm to it. Their customer service is held in high regard, noted as going above and beyond in supporting their customers. Their shop is open from 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday, with an early Friday closing at 5pm.

2) Elite Tire & Service is an auto repair, tire, and transmission repair shop that customers have said provided them excellent care in the servicing of their vehicles. The shop’s specialties include oil change, lube and filter, clean fuel injector, tune-ups, vehicle inspection, water pumps, fuel pumps & line repair. Their shop hours are from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Rob’e Mans Automotive Service, 2600 18th St S Homewood, AL 35209

Elite Tire & Service, 2412 3rd Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233