How does Houston Rebuilt Axles repair spindle ends and bent axles in Knoxville?

The team at Houston Rebuilt Axles has the skills and tools to repair axles back to factory specifications.  First, the team tears down the axle to a bare housing and then applies it to a lathe. While the axle housing is on the lathe, the spindle end gets replaced with a replacement spindle built in-house.  The damaged spindle is then cut off and disposed while the replacement is welded on. 

What else does the team at HRA check on the axle?

HRA verifies that the axle is perfectly straight.  If left unchecked, there are risks that the truck will burn up tires, break an axle, or damage the hub seal.  Then, the team will install a new hub, bearing set, rotor, and seals. The center will get a fluff and buff treatment to make sure that it is road-ready.  Finally, the axle is filled with fluid and the housing is painted.  

How much does an axle rebuild cost?

The costs of an axle rebuild varies depending on the amount of damage and wears & tear already existing on the axle. For better assessments on axle rebuilds, customers can contact HRA directly at 832-280-8489 to receive a quick quote, or by email so we can better assess the scope of work on the repair. 

Shipping to and from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knoxville car owners can ship their axle from their home to HRA’s auto repair shop in Houston for service.  Once repairs have been performed, HRA can ship the rebuilt axle back to a local auto repair shop for installation.  Residents in Knoxville can then easily pick a local repair shop to perform the installation at their convenience. Here are some of our recommended repair shops in the area:

1) T & J’s Auto Repair is a top shop auto repair and vehicle service location, specializing in the best tire rotation & wheel alignment, brake services, and suspension repairs in Knoxville. Their hours of operation are 8am – 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am – 4pm Friday (because who doesn’t appreciate an early Friday off, right?).

2) Mr Cools AC Transmission and Brake Service is as cool as they come in Knoxville. Their auto repair shop and oil change station operate from from 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday, and 8am – 5pm Saturdays.


T & J’s Auto Repair, 616 Eastgate Rd Sevierville, TN 37862

Mr Cools AC Transmission and Brake Service, 8062 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919