Axle rebuilding services in Lincoln

The specialized equipment required to perform an axle rebuild in many cases is prohibitively expensive for most shops to carry. Houston Rebuilt Axles has both the expertise and the equipment to perform an axle rebuild. Our experts at HRA have over 75 years of collective experience in rebuilding axles. We accept axles from anywhere in the US. Courier shipping services are available to ship axles door-to-door to vehicle owners in Lincoln and nationwide.

Our experts at HRA rebuild axles to OEM specifications. We also cover the rebuilt axle under our warranty. Axles can also be enhanced for any purpose, including narrowing the axle for hotrod drivers or upgrading a differential for off-road use.

How we rebuild an axle with a damaged spindle end or bent axle

Rebuilding an axle starts with our experts at HRA tearing the damaged axle down to the bare housing. We then straighten the axle if the axle is bent. Next, we attach the axle to a lathe to remove the damaged spindle end. Following that, we build, in-house, a replacement spindle end which we weld onto the rebuilt axle, finishing the rebuild.

How HRA repairs an axle assembly

To ensure that the axle is rebuilt to be road-worthy we perform a complicated rebuild of the axle. The ring and pinion, rotors, bearing set and axle shafts are removed from the axle. Then, our experts shape the axle on the lathe. Following that, we install either an OEM replacement ring and pinion that meets factory specifications or use a new set. Following an inspection of the axle shafts and bearing the axle is cleaned. The rebuild is complete after we reassemble the axle, paint it, and then fill the axle with fluid.

Delivery to customers in Lincoln

Axles that are rebuilt by our experts at HRA are available, ready to install, and shipped with lift-gate and pallet jack services from the courier. The courier allows quick and easy door-to-door delivery to your home or any repair shop you choose. If you do not have a repair shop you use, we recommend the following highly recommended auto repair shops in Lincoln:

1) Watson’s Auto Service, a family-owned business maintains your warranty while using the latest diagnostic equipment. They can repair both domestic and foreign vehicles. Their shop is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.

2) 6 to 6 Auto Service is able to service vehicles of any size. Their shop provides transmissions, suspension, axles, and other repair services. They open from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Watson’s Auto Service, 3030 N 33rd St, Lincoln, NE 68504

6 to 6 Auto Service, 2405 P St, Lincoln, NE 68503