Billings Rebuilt and Repaired Axles

Our experts are available to help you rebuild and repair your axles if you are located in Billings. We also sell our rebuilt and repaired axles in addition to being able to repair and rebuilding your vehicle’s axles. Not only that, but we also have the equipment needed to shape axles back to factory specifications. Using our lathe allows us to perform our repairs and rebuilds to the highest quality. We are able to ship to any location within the United States, also including vehicle owners in Billings. Our courier services allow us to ship and receive axles door-to-door to any location.

We employ Timken bearings and seals in our axle rebuilds. Timken is known for their high-quality bearings and seals. They are known for their precise tolerances. In addition to that, we offer a warranty for our axle rebuilds. These combined means you can trust our axle rebuilds and repairs. Our experts are able to modify and also rebuild your differentials and axles. If you need to narrow an axle for hot rods or modify a differential for off-road use, we have you covered.

What does our Rebuilt and Repaired Axle process involve?

An axle can be repaired or rebuild depending on how much damage the axle has. Repairing an axle is a good option for your axle if the damage to it isn’t too severe. But, if there is a lot of damage, rebuilding the axle is a better option. Repairing involves fewer steps and also is a cheaper option but is not feasible for more severely damaged axles.

Both options share some steps. First, we remove and clean the components on the axle. The components are the ring gear, bearing set, rotors and also axle shafts. If the axle is being repaired then the ring and pinion set is left in the axle. Following that, the axle is put onto our lathe to repair the axle back to factory specifications. Once the axle is cleaned, the bearings are inspected. We then replace any damaged spindle ends with our built in-house replacement spindle ends. Following that, the axle is then assembled, painted, and filled with fluids. Finally, the axle is now able to be installed.

Rebuilding an axle differs from repairing an axle in some ways. The ring and pinion set is then swapped with a high-quality OEM replacement ring and pinion set. We also replace all of the bearings with Timken bearings. Any worn seals that are on the carriers and axle shafts are also replaced with replacements from Timken. The axle shafts themselves are replaced with a high-quality refurbished axle shaft that has been thoroughly inspected. A new axle shaft may be used if required. Following that, should the rotors on the rear end be bolted behind the hub, they are either rotated or replaced. We do this to ensure that the brake pads are properly applied.

How can you tell if you need to get your axles checked?

There are many warning signs that you can look out for if you need to get your axles checked. Also, damage to your axles can come from many situations. For example, driving on a bumpy road with too much weight loaded into the car. Or, you could have gotten into a minor collision or hit even have hit a curb. If you aren’t sure and are experiencing any of the following, you may want to check if your axle needs repairs:

  • Vibrations – Often, when an axle gets damaged you can feel it through your car or the steering wheel. You may be able to feel it almost immediately after the damage has occurred after hitting a curb or pothole. The vibration will get stronger while turning also.
  • Leaking Fluids – Damage to an axle can often damage the axle housing. A bend or a crack can start leaking fluids. If your axle is leaking fluid, then the lubrication may not be enough to run the axle properly.
  • Loud Noises – A bent axle causes the gears to come out of alignment. The gears grinding or hitting cause a noticeable sound while the axle is rotating.

Delivering axles and receiving axles from Billings

Do you have a damaged axle that needs to be repaired or rebuilt? Our courier service allows us to receive axles from you from any location. This includes anywhere in the United States, including Billings. We are also able to ship axles to any location, door-to-door. Whether you need the axle at your house or a mechanic of your choice, we have you covered. If you are looking for an automotive repair shop, check out these highly recommended shops in the Billings area:

1) 1-Stop Automotive specializes in front-end and suspension repair, brakes and tires. They have been servicing vehicles in Billings since 2005 and are able to perform diagnostics and repairs on all makes and models. Their shop opens from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm.

2) Christian Brothers Automotive Billings does both maintenance and car repairs. They are a comprehensive auto repair shop. Also, they are able to work on drivetrains and suspensions, alternators, electrical systems and more! They open Monday to Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

1-Stop Automotive, 2015 2nd Ave N, Billings, MT 59101

Christian Brothers Automotive Billings, 1525 Zimmerman Trl, Billings, MT 59102