Can Houston Rebuilt Axles provide services to customers in Louisville?

Houston Rebuilt Axles are the top provider in the United States for warranty approved vehicle axle repairs and rebuilds. Our team of experts use specialty equipment to provide their services and have a collective 75 years experience in automotive work to put to use for the most professional repairs. Because axle repair is such a specialty service, we offer our services nation wide with a courier delivery service. The Company uses door courier shipping which accommodates heavy axles through pallet-jack and liftgate services.

What makes axle rebuilds so specialized?

HRA performs spindle end repairs, which is a hard-to-find service in the U.S. This work involves our team stripping down the axle and repairing or replacing the bent or damaged spindle. Our mechanics then place the component on a lathe and while it is there our team replaces the old damaged spindle end with a replacement spindle built in-house.

Our shop only use the best quality components, which give customers peace of mind as their parts come warrantied and ready to be installed. All rebuilt axles serviced by Houston Rebuilt Axles are built to OEM specs with OEM parts. Once the repairs are complete, each axle is then painted and filled with fluid so it is ready for immediate installation.

The HRA team works individually with each of their customers to find the most cost-effective solution for getting a customer’s vehicle’s axle repaired. This also applies to custom repairs and installations. Our team can build custom axles to suit different types of vehicles including hotrods and off-road trucks.

Can Houston Rebuilt Axles ship rebuilt axles ship rebuilds to Louisville?

HRA can ship rebuilt axles to your home or an auto repair shop of your choice where mechanics can assemble the components onto your vehicle. If you don’t have a mechanic already, here are a couple highly rated shops we’d recommend checking out.

1) Kavanaugh’s Complete Car Care Center offers the full suite of automotive repairs and has been highly recommended by its customers as reputable and professional. Their shop hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

2) Gates Automotive is a family owned business that provides a 5 star service to their customers, supporting all aspects of car and truck repair. Their shop hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Kavanaugh’s Complete Car Care Center, 1374 Belmar Dr Louisville, KY 40213

Gates Automotive, 1546 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40205