Rebuilt Axle repair services in Aurora

Axle rebuilds and repairs are a highly specialized service in the United States, and tracking down a shop that offers such a service can often come with a premium to cover the machinery costs. The team at Houston Rebuild Axles have dedicated their time to repairing axles, making them the very best in warranty repairs. If you are in need of quality warrantied rebuilt axles, HRA is here to help.

We give its customers across the nation the peace of mind when it comes to axle maintenance and component repair. Car owners can contact our team and receive an axle health check so they are quickly informed of its current reliability and operability.

Spindle end repairs and other services

Spindle end repairs which is among those rare services that our team has drilled down to a science. We first start with tearing down the axle to a bare housing and applying lathe to the surrounding parts. The replacement spindle end is then manufactured in-house. Lastly, the damaged spindle is cut off and the new replacement is welded. Once the repairs are complete, the housing is reassembled, painted, filled with fluid, and ready for quick and easy installation.

How can car owners in Aurora ship their axle for repair to HRA?

Thanks to our nation wide courier delivery service, customers can ship their axle for repair straight to our shop in Houston. Once the team completes the rebuild on the axle, the part will be quickly shipped back to your door or a repair shop of your choice in Aurora with liftgate service. If you’re in need of repair shop recommendations, here are a few highly rated shops we would recommend checking out:

1) Honest-1 Auto Care offers, as the name would suggest, honest and reliable services. Even going as far as sending handwritten letters as thank you’s to their regular customers. Their shop hours are 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 7:30am – 3:30pm Saturdays.

2) Clark’s Car Care is an automotive shop with a neighbouring repair shop in their space. Both repair shops are commended on their expert service, dedication to their craft, and reliable work ethic. Their shop hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Honest-1 Auto Care, 989 S Eola Rd Aurora, IL 60504

Clark’s Car Care, 440 Industrial Dr Naperville, IL 60563